Q & A with Member for Darling Range Tony Simpson

Q & A with Member for Darling Range Tony Simpson

Member for Darling Range Tony Simpson.

What are the biggest issues facing your electorate and how will you combat them?
There are not enough employment opportunities. I am working hard to make sure the West Mundijong Industrial Park will become a reality, we need more industrial and commercial zones and not just for jobs but to attract more commercial rates.

How will you improve job growth in the region?
A healthy business environment creates much needed development and jobs for those living in local areas. I have always and will continue to support business growth in the area.

What is your plan to improve the economy?
Continue to build on what we have built over the past eight years and I will continue to support local and small business, schools, infrastructure and community projects.

What major infrastructure projects will you advocate for if elected?
The development of the Tonkin Highway extension, which will ease congestion and provide an alternative route for large vehicles.

How do you plan to address the meth crisis?
If elected we are committed to protecting our local communities by imposing a mandatory minimum one year sentence for meth dealers. Upon being elected we will commit $94 million to support addicts and their families. This commitment includes 85 rehabilitation beds across WA with more drug and alcohol nurses.

Personally speaking…
Favourite singer: Jimmy Barnes has a great voice and I enjoy listening to his songs.
Favourite movie: Star Wars.

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