Q & A with Labor candidate for Darling Range Barry Urban

Q & A with Labor candidate for Darling Range Barry Urban

Labor candidate for Darling Range Barry Urban.

What are the biggest issues facing your electorate and how will you combat them?
Jobs; unemployment in WA is the highest in the nation. As I meet people in Darling Range they are worried about job security.

How will you improve job growth in the region?
A Labor government will build Metronet and extend the Armadale line to Byford, which will create more than 1000 jobs alone. Labor has a 15-year strategy that will aim to achieve more than 50 per cent of manufacturing locally of new rail cars. This will create ongoing jobs for Western Australians.

What is your plan to improve the economy?
A McGowan Labor government will bring in new laws to reduce Colin Barnett’s record debt to ensure future windfall revenue gains are used to reduce debt. We will also cut the amount of money wasted on government advertising and external consultants.

What major infrastructure projects will you advocate for if elected?
I will strongly advocate for the building of the Mundijong Sporting Complex and for the extension of the Armadale line to Byford.

How do you plan to address the meth crisis?
I work with troubled youth on a daily basis and I have seen the devastation caused by methamphetamine use. I support Labor’s tough approach that will see meth traffickers face a maximum life sentence in prison.

What will be your first act if elected?
I will get the ball rolling on the Mundijong Sporting Complex.

Personally speaking…
Favourite movie: The mini-series Band of Brothers.
Favourite song: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police.
Favourite book: Orde Wingate: Irregular Soldier by Trevor Royle

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