Parties promise to target ice dealers

Parties promise to target ice dealers

Liberal candidate for Thornlie Rob Coales discuses the meth crisis with a policeman.

In the lead up to the state election on March 11 confronting the methamphetamine crisis has been an issue addressed by both Labor and the Liberals with each party announcing a plan to tackle the problem.

On February 5 former Gosnells Police sergeant and now-Liberal candidate for Thornlie Rob Coales said the State Government would introduce a $190 million plan if they won the election.

“The plan would introduce Australia’s toughest jail sentences for meth dealers,” he said.

“It would also include compulsory treatment for victims and a massive investment in rehabilitation which will make Thornlie’s streets safe and more secure.”

Mr Coales said he had been a witness to meth-fuelled crimes while working as a policeman.

“Families are desperate to get their loved ones off this insidious drug,” he said.

“This comprehensive plan will take dealers off the streets and help addicts reclaim their lives.

“This is a tough, strong and measured approach to disrupting supply and reducing demand.”

Mr Coales said under the plan anyone caught dealing meth would face a mandatory prison term ranging between one and 15 years.

Member for Gosnells Chris Tallentire said the Labor Party had its own plan in place to fight the crisis, which was announced on February 3.

“Western Australia has developed the worst rates of meth usage of any state in the country so we need to take drastic action to stop meth traffickers,” he said.

“WA Labor will introduce the toughest sentencing regime in the country for meth traffickers, criminals caught with the trafficable quantity of methamphetamine, 28 grams, will face the life penalty.”

Mr Tallentire said Labor’s Methamphetamine Action Plan would reduce demand, harm and supply.

“Labor has already released complementary policies to tackle methamphetamine abuse across the state,” he said.

“This includes additional rehabilitation centres, funding for early intervention, and two dedicated drug and rehabilitation prisons to break the cycle of drug related crime.”

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