Ongoing water battles in Roleystone

Ongoing water battles in Roleystone

Residents on Coachmans Place in Roleystone have been experiencing water pressure issues for the past 10 years, despite making numerous complaints to authorities.

Imagine having a shower only to be suddenly scolded with hot water because the cold water has completely stopped flowing or getting your clean load of washing out of the machine but it is bone dry. 

These are just some of the issues residents on Coachmans Place in Roleystone have been facing for the past 10 years, despite numerous complaints made to Water Corporation. 

A high level tank located on Heritage Drive supplies water to the eight properties on Coachmans Place cul-de-sac along with many other properties within the Araluen estate. 

Residents Steve and Trehna Rouse said they have lived at their home for the past 10 years but the issues have gotten consistently worse as more and more people build in the neighbourhood. 

“There is a couple on this cul-de-sac who can’t use the shower at the rear of their house because there is no water at all coming through the taps,” she said. 

“They have put tanks in for their reticulation and are now looking at putting in tanks for their house, which is what Water Corporation have suggested to us too, but the problem is the Armadale council within their planning codes for Araluen, they won’t allow the tanks as they have to be disguised.” 

Mr and Mrs Rouse said the fluctuating water pressure during on and off peak usage times causes daily issues which has cost them in excess of $45,000 to replace and repair. 

“We have had to replace the water heater because when the pressure runs down or we get fluctuating pressure it creates these big air locks,” they said. 

“We have had people come out and look at our reticulation and that is $200 to $300 each time and have had two individual plumbers come out and have a look. 

“We are also down to hand watering and have had to let half of our garden go, which has been devastating.” 

Neighbour Chris Peckingham said he recently spent $6000 to install a second reticulation system as the first one didn’t provide enough pressure. 

“I have lost my lawn twice up the back of the property and I am hoping this new system will help but it has come at a huge cost,” he said. 

“We are going to sell this house one day and that is another reason you need it fixed. 

“You don’t want to sell a house and someone say to the buyer ‘don’t go in that street, there is no water pressure’.” 

Residents met with Member for Darling Range Alyssa Hayden and shadow minister for water David Honey this week to discuss the issues which will then be forwarded onto Minister for Water Dave Kelly and the Water Corporation.