Noise issues anger Huntingdale neighbourhood

Noise issues anger Huntingdale neighbourhood

Since 2012, Marco Angi has made multiple noise complaints against Sparrow Early Learning Huntingdale.

A small group of community members in Huntingdale are taking a stand against a local early childhood facility.

Over the past few years, the group have made numerous noise complaints against Sparrow Early Learning Huntingdale (SELH).

Boxworth Court resident Marco Angi moved to the area in 2012, and first noticed the problem back then.

Mr Angi has discussed the issue with SELH team members and City of Gosnells staff on a number of occasions, but to no avail.

He said the issue was particularly troublesome last year, when he was forced to work from home.

“It’s not really just children playing…it’s constant screaming and crying every day. I don’t know how the staff put up with it, to be honest,” he said.

“No one (from the centre or the city) has come around my house to listen to it.

“Some of the neighbours are aware of it, but I don’t think they know what to do about it.

“I cannot believe how loud it is…it’s just too much.”

Mr Angi and his neighbours are now calling for SELH to implement more soundproofing measures.

Gosnells chief executive officer Ian Cowie said the city was aware of the situation, and was committed to taking it seriously.

“Local governments play an important role in ensuring compliance with the state government’s Noise Regulations,” he said.

“The city encourages people who believe they are being affected by unreasonable noise to approach the occupiers of the property from where the noise is coming to try and resolve the issue.

“If this doesn’t resolve the issue, a formal complaint can be made to the city and it will be investigated.”

Sparrow Early Learning Centre was not able to respond in time for publication.