New Lions ready to roar

New Lions ready to roar

Harrisdale Piara Waters Lions Club President Nella Watts, Nicole Werkendam Maggi Biles, Vice District Governor Ted Watts, Grovelands Primary Principal Mark Bradshaw and student councillors Isaiah Collis and Jenny Knowler.

A new Lions Club has been officially created in Harrisdale and Piara Waters, as the club gained enough numbers last month to register.

Lions Australia are a not-for-profit organisation where every dollar donated goes straight back into the community.

The new club started to develop in November 2020 with three lions driving the club through the initial development.

Despite only just receiving the numbers to become an official club, the Lions Club has already commenced projects that benefit the community including the recycling of computers.

Computers are received from various sources; the club cleans them and wipe the system of security before a new operating system and open office is installed.

Some of the computers that are re-vitalised are supplied to schools for distribution to students in need, which includes those families that cannot afford a computer at home.

Vice District Governor for Lions, Ted Watts, said he helped the Harrisdale Piara Waters Lions Club provide three schools with computers so far and feedback has been positive.

“We had one school inform the club that the computer has changed the lives of at least one family and the students have improved at school,” he said.

The computers recycled by the club cannot be used because of various problems so the club strip them down to basic components, with 90 per cent of the computer recyclable.

Some computers are sold back to the public to cover costs of doing the project such as materials and tools.

The clubs next meeting will be held on May 23 at Harrisdale Primary School at 2pm.

For more information contact Ted Watts on 0428 581 631, Maggi Biles on 0433 472 428 or Nicole Werkendam on 0417 278 265.

Many projects are underway for the Harrisdale Piara Waters Lions Club and new members are welcome.