MRA lags on plan for Kelmscott

MRA lags on plan for Kelmscott

The MRA hasn't released any public plans since taking over the Kelmscott area in 2011. Photograph - Hamish Hastie.

Short term redevelopment of the Kelmscott CBD and Denny Avenue seems unlikely with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority admitting no new master plan for the area was in development.

Despite the authority having planning control of the Kelmscott CBD for half a decade they have not produced any new public planning policies, design guidelines or master plans for Kelmscott.

The last planning documents released for the area were a Kelmscott planning policy and town centre design guidelines created by the former Armadale Redevelopment Authority in 2007.

The ARA was bundled into the MRA in 2011.

In June last year, an agenda item went before the City of Armadale stating the MRA was undertaking traffic and engineering studies for a final report and master plan for Kelmscott, which they expected to be completed in December 2015.

No documents have been released.

In May MRA chief executive Kieran Kinsella said no money was set aside for Kelmscott in the recent state budget because they were ‘not yet at a stage in the planning process where infrastructure could be delivered’.

Mr Kinsella threw more doubt on any planning documents coming out in the short term saying ‘if and when’ a draft master plan for Kelmscott was developed it would be subject to further community consultation.

When asked what planning work they were doing Mr Kinsella said they were still doing work on traffic modelling, drainage and power infrastructure.

“Most recently, the MRA has worked with the City of Armadale, Main Roads WA and the Public Transport Authority to understand the traffic modelling within the town centre,” he said.

“Those investigations have indicated a need to understand the broader traffic network across Kelmscott, and the connections and interfaces with the town centres, as well as the capacity of the existing drainage and power infrastructure to support future redevelopment.

“This work is currently underway with the relevant government agencies and expert consultants.

“When complete, the MRA will consider future planning and redevelopment opportunities for Kelmscott.”

An MRA spokesperson said there were no timeframes for the work.

Member for Armadale Tony Buti said the situation was indicative of the State Government and MRA only caring about their city projects like Elizabeth Quay and the City Link project.

“I think the MRA has forgotten about the City of Armadale,” he said.

“I can’t say the MRA has been aggressively pursing projects in the City of Armadale area and as far as Kelmscott’s concerned there’s been a lot of talking but very little action.

“I would’ve thought Denny Avenue would have been of major priority.”