MP: Compulsory voting important

MP: Compulsory voting important


Member for Armadale Tony Buti said compulsory voting was an important feature in Australian politics.

He said compulsory voting meant government was forced to be more representative of the people.

“We (should) all vote to make sure that politicians consider all members and groups in the community,” he said.

“If voting is voluntary we run the danger that many people will not vote and only those with special narrow interests decide who the government will be.”

Professor Clement Macintyre from the University of Adelaide said last year compulsory voting demanded the government to be more accountable.

“If everyone’s having to vote, then the parties have to generate policies that cover the whole of the electorate,” he said.

A report by the Federal Parliament said compulsory voting had its pros and cons.

The report said compulsory voting meant the government was more representative but in a voluntary system candidates were elected by people who had invested time into following issues and policies.