Move over Rocky

Move over Rocky

Boxing coach James Lindley and State Golden Gloves winner Ben Brown. Photograph — Aaron Van Rongen.

A 16-year-old boy who started boxing in April last year and hasn’t lost a single fight ever since, could become Australia’s next national and Olympic champion.

Year 11 Northlake Senior Campus student Ben Brown moved from Samoa to live with his father in Perth in February 2019, and not long after that he decided to follow his brother’s footsteps in boxing.

“My younger brother Walter is a state boxing champion, too, who has been boxing and competing for three years, I went to see him train and I wanted to do the same,” he said.

But Ben not only wanted to do the same, he wanted to win it all. He has now competed in and won 10 fights and scored six titles across different competitions, including the 2020 state Golden Gloves title in September 12.

“In 2019 I fought and won Boxing WA Silver Gloves title, it was my first title,” he said. “After that I fought and won a Novice State title.

And in August 2019 I went to Brisbane and won the Queensland Golden Gloves title.

“In March 2020 I fought for two intermediate state titles and won both in two different weight categories in just two nights.”

Although COVID-19 placed boxing competitions on hold for a few months, the talented young boxer’s comeback was stronger than ever.

His success at this year’s State Golden Gloves Championships was more than deserving, as Ben had the opportunity to fight against a two-time Australian national champion.

“It is my highest achievement,” he said.

“I was very happy beating an Australian champion and I was confident I would win it.”

“My next goal is to win an Australian title at the nationals if I get the chance to go as I have to win state titles next month to go there.

“After that my pathway is the Commonwealth Games and Olympics is my main goal for Australia.”

However, the National Boxing Championship will be held in Victoria this year and chances are the competition might be rescheduled for next year.

Cannington Seconds Out boxing gym coach James Lindley said he believes Ben can win the Nationals.

“I truly believe Ben has the ability to take it to the next level and win an Australian national title which can then lead to representing Australia at international boxing tournaments in the future and beyond,” he said.

“Ben has a tremendous attitude inside and outside of boxing, he’s always giving 110 per cent in the gym, so he is a very respectful and well-liked young man.”

trusted Ben with his first boxing competition after having trained him for only eight weeks.

“I decided to put him in for his first competitive bout which is something rare to see in boxing with someone so new to the sport,” he said.

“From then on Ben has gone from strength to strength winning all of his 10 Bouts to date, he’s also earned a spot on the Boxing WA State futures development squad which has further enhanced his boxing, especially leading up to the recent WA State Golden Gloves Championships.