Mount Nasura homes targeted by thieves

Mount Nasura homes targeted by thieves

Thieves targeted this property on Billabong Way in Mount Nasura earlier this month.

Thieves targeted a home on Billabong Way in Mount Nasura last week, gaining access with an axe that was left outside the home.

The home owner, who did not want to be named, said it was the second time they had been broken into since moving to the neighbourhood in October 2016. 

“My husband came home just after 3pm to find the front door open and everything all over the floor,” the home owner said. 

“He saw that the television was missing off the wall and the back sliding door was smashed in.” 

Every room in the house was trashed, with everything from televisions to computers, sentimental items, alcohol, cash and other items taken. 

The power was turned off at the meter and the axe, which was used to gain entry, was left on a bed. 

Armadale Police Senior Sergeant Troy Douglas told The Examiner there had been several reported burglary offences in Mount Nasura over the past month with several offenders being identified and apprehended. 

“These offenders have been subsequently charged and property recovered,” he said. 

“Armadale Police actively conduct patrols, action strategies and target known persons and addresses relating to offenders in Armadale and the surrounding areas.” 

Anyone with information was asked to contact the Crime Stoppers hotline on 1800 333 000 or make a report online at au. 

People providing information to the Crime Stoppers website may remain anonymous if they wish. 

Thieves trashed this property in Mount Nasura, taking off with sentimental items, alcohol and cash.