Motion not passed

Motion not passed

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale proposed a toilet such as this one for Percy's Park.

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale voted to endorse the construction of a public toilet in Percy’s Park at the March 27 council meeting.

The vote was lost at four to two and an absolute majority was needed to pass the motion.

The council would also have needed an additional allocation of $81,000 for the construction of the toilet.

In accordance with the council’s resolution, letters were sent to 170 properties in the area for comments and feedback.

Of the contacted residents two objected to the proposal and 14 supported the proposal.

Shire president John Erren said the result of the consultation was clear.

“The lack of response suggests that generally residents in the vicinity of the park are not concerned with any consequences of a public toilet being located in the park,” he said.

“Relevantly, the objections to the toilet were not on the basis of the potential social issues, or perceived social issues, a public toilet may create.

“One objection was based on the general lack of the need, the second objection was based partly on safety concerns and partly on the ongoing cost to the council of another asset.

“The latter reason for objection is consistent with council’s policy that would ordinarily prevent a public toilet from being installed in a local park.”

Mr Erren said supporters of the proposal also commented on the issue of safety with some responses indicating a need for the entrance to be seen from the road for passive surveillance purposes and for the doors to be locked at night.