Million-dollar playground for beloved local tourist spot

Million-dollar playground for beloved local tourist spot

A nature-themed playground at the Serpentine Dam is slowly taking shape.

A million-dollar playground and recreation area will open in a few months at the much-loved Serpentine Dam.

“The centrepiece of the $1.06 million project will be a nature-themed playground that draws inspiration from the surrounding environment. The project also includes picnic tables, new accessible toilet facilities and parking upgrades,” Water Corporation, who are overseeing the project, has said.


The construction is part of a major recreation facility upgrade program for four of Perth’s dams, initiated by the McGowan Government in 2020.

The state government invested an initial $2.5 million in the project which included new playgrounds at both Churchman Brook and Serpentine Dams, new Aboriginal interpretive signage and improved amenities ‘to enhance visitor experience’.

A 13.5-metre-wide mural of native water birds at Wungong dam was celebrated in January 2021, and launched what was supposed to be a two year-long program.

The Churchman Brook Dam playground was officially opened in early 2022.

But progress on the Serpentine Dam playground has stalled until last week, when machinery sprung into life again.

“Work recommenced last week under a new contractor after the previous contractor went into external administration and was unable to complete the works, causing delays,” a Water Corporation spokesperson said.

“The area was selected due to being safe and easily accessible, as well as its proximity to a nearby café.”

Bistro By the Dam owner Linda Peyton made a public post last week announcing the ‘exciting development’.

“It’ll be fantastic. It’s been a long, long process,” she said.

“We are still open, and we have lots of parking available. So, we’d love to see you. Come on down.”

The new playground and recreation facilities will revitalise the much-loved public space when they open in the middle of this year.

And the local community has expressed excitement at the prospect.

“Can’t wait to bring kids to enjoy the playground which will only boost the already great atmosphere,” Brendan Appleby said.

“Once done it will bring so much business. There are not many places around here that have an awesome playground,” Heather Cox said.

“I’ve never been so happy to see men and machinery,” Cr Tricia Duggin said.

The existing toilet facilities will be closed during the length of the estimated four-month construction time.

Water Corporation has also advised that visitors to the Dam and Bistro may notice an increase in noise and dust in the area.

They have apologised for any inconvenience and advised vigilance and for visitors to follow traffic signage.