Very Rare: Harper Lilly leaps into the world

Very Rare: Harper Lilly leaps into the world

A very proud Mum and Dad with their leap year baby, Harper Lilly.

With a leap year only occurring every four years, the chances of being born on the 29th of February are very rare.

People born on that day have a 0.068 percent chance of meeting someone else with the same birthday.

That quirk of the calendar made for an extra special arrival at Armadale Hospital, when Kesha and Courtney (both 22) from Bedfordale welcomed their beautiful daughter, Harper Lilly, last Thursday.

Harper was expected to enter the world on March 5, but babies often have other ideas. Kesha was instead induced on Tuesday last week and then underwent an emergency cesarean section.

Harper was born at 3:30am on Thursday the 29th of February, weighing in at 2450 grams.

“I had a feeling it could happen,” Kesha beamed.

“Her original due date was the 29th of February but it was pushed back, so technically she was born on her due date.

“It’s very rare but it will be special every four years.”

Proud father Courtney was just happy to meet his new baby girl.

“We’re very excited and very happy,” he grinned.

Harper was born at 3.30am on Thursday, February 29 at Armadale Hospital.

Armadale Hospital sees approximately 2700 babies born each year, and Armadale Health Service Executive Director Neil Cowan was quick to acknowledge the dedication of the staff at the Maternity Ward.

“We are very proud of all our hardworking midwives, doctors, theatre and support staff who support mothers and their families before, during and after their birthing here at Armadale, and can we wish Kesha and Courtney all the best with their beautiful new leap day baby, Harper,” he said.