Mayor demands a decision on Australia Day confusion

Mayor demands a decision on Australia Day confusion

Mayor Patrick Hall said there has been no leadership on the matter by state or federal governments.

City of Canning mayor Patrick Hall says it has been left to councils to decide whether the date for Australia Day should be changed and whether citizenship ceremonies should be held on that day.

He said the inability of those in state and federal leadership to make a decision has resulted in widespread confusion.

Mr Hall echoed the calls from Perth lord mayor Basil Zempilas who is demanding a clear decision from the Prime Minister.

“In the absence of decision making the state and federal governments allow this heated issue to resurface each year, and then sit idly by as protest marches occur each year, Australia’s reputation is tarnished in the international press, and the standing of our national day is gradually diminished,” Mr Hall said.

“I share the lord mayor’s view that it seems apparent now that the 26 January date for Australia Day will eventually change ‘… because that’s where the PM’s approach is pushing us’.

“My genuine concern is that it will not be possible to find a date for Australia Day, any date, that will be agreed to by indigenous Australians.”

He expected the protests to continue.

Canning Council will be holding a citizenship ceremony on Australia Day at Shelley Beach Park commencing at 9am.