Harrisdale and Mt Richon set for traffic improvements

Harrisdale and Mt Richon set for traffic improvements

Talus Drive is often used as a thoroughfare between the Albany Highway and the South Western Highway.

Councillors have voted to put forward two traffic management projects in Mount Richon and Harrisdale as part of a federal government funding allocation this year.

The Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program supports councils all over Australia to deliver priority local road and community infrastructure projects in their region.

The city has previously received funding allocations under all previous phases of the program and is now eligible to receive a Phase 4 Part B allocation to the amount of $549,970 for roads projects involving traffic signs, traffic calming/control equipment, street lighting equipment, a bridge or tunnel, a facility off the road used by heavy vehicles in connection with travel on the road, facilities off the road that support the visitor economy or road and footpath maintenance.

Two options were put forward by council officers at the December council meeting.

The first was for traffic calming treatments such as speed humps, cushions, and median islands to be installed in Talus Dr/Bedfordale Hill Rd and in Skeet Rd.

These roads have been identified for improvement by local residents and recommendations by independent consultants.

All roads in the city’s Local Area Traffic Management register are ranked by a scoring system, which is based on assessment on the traffic volumes, speed, crash history, road design and topography, vulnerable road users, and activity generators such as schools and retail.

The second option was a footpath program for streets around Armadale including Serls St, Cronin Pl, Ward Cres, Ringwood Rd, and Sherwood Ct.

These footpath projects have been identified from the approved Skeletal Path Network where filling in missing paths would enhance and improve the existing path network and resolve existing safety issues.

On December 18, councillors voted unanimously in line with the officers’ recommendations that the traffic-calming projects in Mount Richon and Harrisdale would be the best to put forward for the funding.