Local stall holder’s great idea is growing

Local stall holder’s great idea is growing

Grow Free Stall hosts Caroline Southam and Liz Percy. Photograph — Richard Polden.

A stall packed to the brim with donated fruit, home-made preserves and plant cuttings sits each week on a Mount Nasura roadside with a sign saying “give what you can, take what you need”. 

Caroline Southam and Liz Percy play host to the Mount Nasura Grow Free stall each weekend, which sees the community come together and share what they need or want with their neighbours. 

Ms Southam said she first heard about the Grow Free idea in January last year. 

“It is really just an extension of putting a box of something on the verge with ‘free’ written on it,” she said. 

“It helps to reduce waste, foster a sense of community spirit and sharing with your neighbours and to promote the idea that it is okay to give and receive for things other than money.” 

Ms Southam said in the past 10 months that the stall has been operating in Mount Nasura she has seen plenty of donations, including eggs and egg cartons, used coffee grounds, gardening books and magazines, fruit and vegetables, seedlings, empty plant pots, some baked goods and empty jars. 

“More people I think are coming on board by contributing and in some cases hosting or starting a Grow Free stall outside of the Mount Nasura area,” she said. 

“I would suggest giving it a go – grab a table, make a sign, have a look at the Grow Free WA Facebook group and Grow Free website for ideas and guidelines. 

“Consistency is also a good thing… I was planning to do this ad hoc but found that it was easier to build custom if it was a regular thing. 

“Also, don’t feel it is up to you as host to provide all of the produce for the stall, as only about 10 per cent of the offerings on the Mount Nasura stall comes directly from the hosts.

“Others need to contribute for it to be successful.”