Leaving tech world behind to hunt rocks

Leaving tech world behind to hunt rocks

Wesley and Morrison Stevenson painting rocks. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

In a bid to get children away from technology Byford mother of two Lana Stevenson set up the Byford and Surrounds Rocks Facebook page a few weeks ago.

Ms Stevenson said she was inspired by a New Zealand rock group and decided to create one in WA.

“It’s really simple, the idea is to go hunting for painted rocks in your local park or paint some rocks and hide them for others to find,” she said.

“On the back of the rock is the Facebook symbol and the link to the page so it gets more people involved.”

Ms Stevenson said it was a little bit of creativity and nature play for children and parents.

“My kids really love it, I have two boys, one is 10 and the other one is three,” she said.

“It’s my 10-year-old who really enjoys this, he’s painted all sorts of things on the rocks including spaceships and the Titanic.”

Ms Stevenson said she and her son hid the rocks at the local park.

“I go out with my son and we both have walkie talkies and he says to me, ‘Mum I’ve hidden the rocks, over’ and I have to reply back to him,” she said.

“Word is getting out, it’s a slow but steady trickle.

“One of my friend’s takes her group of kids through this certain area and asked me to hide rocks there for the kids to find.”

Ms Stevenson hoped the Byford and Surrounds Rocks activity catches on similar to the response rock groups have received in New Zealand.

For more information visit the Byford and Surrounds Rocks Facebook page.