Kiosk owners give generously to children

Kiosk owners give generously to children

Geetha Saiganesh and her staff are doing their part to support Telethon.

Geetha Saiganesh has always maintained that a business should put something back into the soil that has fed them.

To that end, the owner of Lot-O-Luck Lotto kiosk in Canning Vale’s Livingston Markets is donating 50 per cent of the commissions for every Lotto ticket sold from now until October 17 to Telethon.

She said the initiative was simply a new way for her to do her small part to help sick children not just in WA but across the world.

“We wanted to give to the Western Australian children because we believe every child should have a normal life,” she said.

“The research done in WA is not only for the WA children but also for children all over the world.”

While her kiosk has a donation box annually for Telethon, this is the first time they have given up their commission, with the full support of all her staff and the community, some who have changed their habits in an effort to fundraise.

“This is new for us,” she said.

“We don’t have a target as such, but the more customers we can get in the more money we can raise.

“We’ve had customers come in who usually buy online which is great to see, and we’d really like the community to get involved

“One of the things I’ve always maintained is that we need to give back to the community, we need to always put something back into the soil that has fed us.”