‘I’ve always liked music since I was eight years old’

‘I’ve always liked music since I was eight years old’

Tara Tiba is performing at the World Cafe next month.

Iranian born artist Tara Tiba will headline the World Music Cafe concert at the Amherst Village Function Centre on November 2.

Ms Tiba came to Perth a decade ago after deciding whether to go to Paris or Perth after leaving Iran.

Happy with her decision to come to Perth, she decided to follow her dreams in music and is now a well established artist that fuses traditional Persian singing with Jazz, Latin, contemporary and experimental music.

She has just released her second album OMID (‘hope’ in Persian) and she was nominated for a national ARIA Award and won the 2019 WAM Song of the Year Award for her song Bahar (Spring).

“I’ve always liked music since I was eight years old and when I was a teenager I developed this interest in traditional Iranian music,” she said.

“I am looking forward to performing at the World Cafe as I think it is a great initiative for the local area.

Ms Tiba said she is now working on a third album and she will also be performing at Fringe Festival for the very first time next year.

Multicultural Enterprise Development Project facilitator Jon Cope met Ms Tiba in Fremantle when she first started her career and said she is a genuine world music star.

“I hope the assistance provided when Tiba first arrived has helped contribute to her journey as an independent artist,” he said.

“The purpose of our project is to seek new innovative ways of engaging new migrants with their local community.

“It’s wonderful to recognise that there are many high quality talented people from a diversity of cultures living here and we should create more opportunities to share their performances with the public.”

Tickets are available through Eventbrite and includes five music acts, table seating and supper platters.