‘I was absolutely appalled’ – MP

‘I was absolutely appalled’ – MP

Member for Burt Matt Keogh visited the frontline in Afghanistan in 2017.

A local MP has expressed his disgust at a recent racially driven attack in the local community after reading about it in The Examiner.

Member for Burt Matt Keogh said Australia should be a place of safety, security, joy and prosperity, whether born here or having moved here, said Mr Keogh after reading the story of an Afghani family in Gosnells, who have been the victim of verbal attacks.

Mr Keogh visited the Middle East and Afghanistan in 2017 with the Australian Defence Force, where he lived and trained alongside defence force personnel for 10 days, as well as meeting with coalition and Afghani forces.

“I was fortunate to visit Afghanistan and I know the close work that has occurred between our two forces in striving for the betterment of Mr Alizada’s home country,”
he said.

“That opportunity gave me a valuable insight into the lives of the men and women in our defence forces, their sacrifice and indeed the community they work alongside in Afghanistan.

“I was compelled to contact to Mr Alizada myself to express just how upset the situation made me, I was absolutely appalled.

“No one in our community should be subject to such cruel treatment,” he said.