Horse remains found in bushland

Horse remains found in bushland

The remains of a dead horse, which were found on the Carinyah Trail in Karragullen earlier this week.

It’s certainly sad but not surprising to see household rubbish and building rubble dumped in bushland but finding the remains of a dead horse can be quite confronting.

Roleystone resident Melissa Chapman came across the remains of a horse on the Carinyah Trail in Karragullen on Monday morning.

Ms Chapman said she first thought it was a kangaroo but looking at it closely she could see the hoofs and hair possibly from the horse’s mane.

“I have never been on that track before but I do a lot of walks in the area,” she said.

“I have never come across any dead domesticated animals before usually just kangaroos and rubbish.”

Ms Chapman told The Examiner the remains were located right in the middle of the track meaning other walkers would have had to step over it to continue walking.

“It was shocking, it made me feel a little concerned for my personal safety,” she said.

“It concerns me that if someone is willing to inflict harm on a  domestic animal then what are they capable of doing to a human?”

The finding comes after another horse was found cut into pieces last month on Dale Road.

Both incidents have been reported to RSPCA WA.

RSPCA WA chief inspector Amanda Swift said the organisation was always concerned when remains of animals were discovered in circumstances such as this.

“It is never okay to dump animals in public areas where their discovery may cause distress to members of the community,” she said.

“If you have a dead animal and need to dispose of it please do so responsibly.

“We request that members of the community who may have information or may have witnessed these horses being placed here, come forward so we can gather accurate information and take appropriate action.”

Anyone with information was asked to call the RSPCA WA Cruelty hotline on 1300 278 3589.