Group asks people to “look for themselves”

Group asks people to “look for themselves”

A map of the self-drive tour.

A self-drive tour has been designed by the Jarrahdale Forest Protectors as part of their ‘Save Our Jarrah’ campaign.

The self-drive tour takes people through the Jarrah forest in Jarrahdale starting with the wonder of a healthy forest, then visiting some rehabilitated bauxite mining sites, then through areas impacted by logging as well as active bauxite mining operations.

A spokesperson for Jarrahdale Forest Protectors said it’s important that people see the forest for themselves.

“We at Jarrahdale Forest Protectors are working quickly to get people from Perth to come and look for themselves,” they said.

“To witness how the Jarrah Forest is adversely impacted and the urgent need for government to review the excelling loss and protect it for future generations.”

A bid from Alcoa to expand their bauxite mining operations is currently under review by the Environmental Protection Authority.

This bid would allow the company to expand their operations across the Jarrah forest in Jarrahdale and Serpentine.

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