Get your hands dirty with Josh

Get your hands dirty with Josh

) Our Gardens host Josh Byrne will be appearing in Canning this month.

Popular gardening TV host of ‘Our Gardens with Josh Byrne’ is back to host another local event in Canning this month.

‘Our Gardens with Josh Byrne’ is an event series that addresses the latest megatrends in gardening while providing Perth residents with an understanding of how they can support the health of our iconic Swan and Canning rivers.

Supported by the River Guardians program and delivered by ABC TV Gardening Australia presenter and environmental scientist Josh Byrne, the event will address how climate change, shrinking lot sizes and affordability influence our gardens.

“It’s important to understand the link between gardening, the environment and our own well-being, and you can easily respond in a positive way” Josh said.

“At the Canning event I’ll help explain the contemporary context of Perth gardens and provide practical advice on how we can make a difference in our backyards.”

The connection between gardening and the health of Perth’s waterways is the basis for the series. Each year around 250 tonnes of nitrogen and 26 tonnes of phosphorus enter the Swan and Canning rivers, with a significant portion coming from fertilisers used in residential gardens. These contaminant nutrients can result in algal blooms, which may cause devastating impacts to a wide variety of aquatic species.

“We can all help if we use fertiliser correctly,” he said.

“Better still, by choosing local native species suited to your soils, not only will you drastically cut the amount of fertiliser needed, but you’ll support local biodiversity, use less water, and save time and money through reduced maintenance.”

During the event Josh will share tips on sustainable landscape design, plant selection, irrigation and smart ways to grow food to help improve the resilience of your home and garden.

The Canning event is being held at the Canning River Eco Education Centre on Tuesday October 10th, 6:30pm.

Tickets are $10, and all funds are directed to local urban greening initiatives coordinated by Perth NRM. Tickets are on sale at Humanitix, to book, enter Our Gardens with Josh Byrne Humanitix Canning into your preferred internet search engine, or call 0407 898 113.

‘Our Gardens with Josh Byrne’ is supported by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and the River Guardians program, and it is hosted in conjunction with Josh Byrne & Associates, ReWild Perth – Perth NRM, the City of Canning and the Canning River Eco Education Centre.