Gaining new ground

Gaining new ground

Production manager Alan Redmayne is proud to be part of a historic project. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

After completing the nib Stadium turf project in 2013 the partnership between Serpentine Jarrahdale company Greenacres Turf Group and HG Sports Turf has continued with the supplying of turf for the new Perth Stadium.

After 18 months of planning turf grown at the Hopelands property has finally been delivered to the stadium.

Turf laying work was expected to be finished within three weeks.

The turf will cover 18,000-square metres within the stadium and has been cut more than 300 times, received two irrigation treatments every day for six months and was fertilised 36 times.

Each 12.5-metre jumbo roll of turf transported to the stadium weighs one tonne and on completion of the stadium 1140-tonnes of it would have been transported.

Greenacres Turf production manager Alan Redmayne said it was a big job.

“About 20,000-metres of grass was grown for the stadium,” he said.

“There are 60 to 70 truck loads which transport the rolls.”

Mr Redmayne said it had been an historic project to work on and be involved with.

He said he was proud to have been a part of a team, which has created a world-class venue.

The stadium was expected to open in March next year with superstars Chelsea Football Club and Ed Sheeran already booked in to play.