From Gosnells to New York

From Gosnells to New York

Darryl Dempster in front of his mural, a part of his DooDoo exhibition.

Gosnells artist Darryl Dempster continues to shine in the art world with his exhibition, DooDoo, at the annual ‘Revealed’ exhibition in the Fremantle Arts Centre, drawing attention from New York art curators.

The annual ‘Revealed’ exhibition returned to the Fremantle Arts Centre in collaboration with the Aboriginal Art Centre Hub of Western Australia (AACHWA), providing Darryl his first opportunity to showcase a complete exhibition.

Darryl has been diligently working behind the scenes at his Rocky Bay Specialist Disability Accommodation to create the pieces for DooDoo.

Named after Darryl’s signature inscribed on several works, DooDoo invites the audience to immerse themselves in a rich landscape of mark-making, colour, vision, and storytelling.

DooDoo has already attracted attention, with New York art curators expressing interest in bringing the exhibition to the Big Apple.

Interest from New York isn’t the only opportunity that has come Darryl’s way.

He has also been approached to paint a full mural at Perth’s Children’s Hospital and received an invitation from a commercial gallery in Alice Springs to exhibit his work.

A Noongar man, Darryl was born and raised in Kepa Kurl (Esperance), and moved to Perth in his early adulthood.

Embarking on his creative exploration five years ago, Darryl uncovered his innate talent and passion for artmaking, using vibrant colours and energetic gestures to communicate his rich inner world. Rocky Bay team leader Talei McKenzie has been instrumental in guiding Darryl on his artistic journey over the past five years.

“Darryl’s art journey began just before the COVID pandemic, and it quickly became clear that he found immense joy in exploring colour and connection,” Talei said.

“We’ve continued that journey, which initially involved a lot of self-reflection, featuring darker colours and varied objects.

“It was a journey of exploring his identity, history, and memories.

“This exhibition is a wonderful display of inclusivity, and we are immensely proud of Darryl.”

The Revealed exhibition will feature more than 150 artworks, with almost 70 artists representing 27 WA Aboriginal art centres, plus 12 independent artists.