First Diwali a hit with young and old

First Diwali a hit with young and old

Sisters Ananya and Ariana Sharma. Photograph - Richard Polden.

About 200 people from the community came together last month to celebrate Champion Lakes first ever Diwali event.

Known as the “Festival of Lights”, the event offered people a chance to dress in traditional dress, share in cultural performances and come together to pray and give thanks for a good harvest.

Organised by Champion Lakes Neighbourhood Watch, in collaboration with the Champion Lakes Residents Association and the Indian community, the event was held at the community centre on October 27.

Event organiser Paul Marshall said it was a great event that brought the community together.

“Champion Lakes has a close knit and proactive community who love to celebrate significant multicultural events throughout the year,” he said.

“In addition to the blessing ceremony there was dancing and singing with many participants wearing traditional Indian dress.

“We also had a range of delicious Indian cuisine including dhal, mild potato curry and rice and finished off with traditional sweets and fruit.”

Photographs – Richard Polden