Family’s bid to help Reece

Family’s bid to help Reece

Reece is recuperating at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

A Gosnells family is looking to their local community for support after a terrible road accident put their beloved brother and uncle in hospital with possibly life-altering injuries

Adoring sister Danika has set up a GoFundMe asking for donations, after her brother, Reece, rolled his 4WD just outside of Derby, in WA’s north, on his way back home after visiting the NT.

“Reece was doing what he loves, travelling and meeting new people when he had a major accident,” she told The Examiner.

“Reece was driving on a bad patch of road and had to over correct his driving at one point, causing him to roll.”

“He rolled six times and found himself pinned in the vehicle for two hours, at which point two ladies from a local community just outside Derby found him and sent for help.”

Reece was rushed to Derby hospital and then to Perth, where he underwent surgery.

“We did not see him again for nine hours, until he was in ICU where he stayed for just over a week,” recalled Danika.

Reece sustained spinal injuries and currently cannot move his legs or hands. He has since moved to Fiona Stanley where he is undergoing rehab.

“My biggest worry is that although we all are hopefully and believe in a full recovery that he will lose a little bit of his shine if his life cannot continue on as he is used to,” said Danika.

“I am hoping to raise $10,000 for Reece to help make the modifications required to his home for him to continue to live there.”

“Reece would never part with his home. Where he is, just as with the rest of his life, every single neighbour is his friend and [they have] always have been there for him.”

“I would hate for him to lose that because his home is no longer accessible to him,” she said.

Reece enjoys music, travel and is very artistic, most recently getting into drawing.

“A true example of who Reece is that when the police were helping him at the scene of the accident, all he was concerned about them saving was his musical instruments and his skateboard,” said Danika.

“My family and Reece would also just like to thank everyone who has helped us in anyway at all so far.

“The response from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive and amazing,” she said.

You can support Reece’s recovery by visiting