Family distraught after discovering prized lamb missing

Family distraught after discovering prized lamb missing

Ian McNamara holding Newton the lamb. Photograph – Richard Polden.

For more than 100 years the McNamara family has lived in River Avenue, Maddington and are proud to own their land surrounded by nature, flora and their animals.

For siblings Ian and Vicki McNamara their animals are not just pets but family and so they were clearly devastated when they discovered some weeks ago one of their pet lambs, named Hera, was gone Ms McNamaras said he believes Hera was allegedly stolen after a man came to the house a few days before the incident asking to buy one of their sheep.

“He got angry when my brother said they weren’t for sale,” she said.

“So we believe he might have come back and stolen it.”

Ms McNamara said people in the area often came to visit the family to pet and feed the sheep and the siblings were ecstatic when twin males and twin females were born.

She said the females, Hera and Hestia, spent a lot of time together but Hera was the closest to her mother.

“Hera always stayed with her mother and now her mother can’t understand why she is gone,” she said.

“No one has the right to take someone’s sheep, we need a stock squad.”

Ms McNamara reported the incident to the police but she said she wasn’t happy with their response as they didn’t send someone on the day and no updates were made.

Ms McNamara said she believed the police were not concerned when it came to animal incidents and said she would like them to be more responsive with animal reports in the community.