Fake robber fails to get a lift

Fake robber fails to get a lift

The masked man posed for a photo before police told him to move on.

A masked man begging for a ‘lift to the bank’ gave motorists an interesting start to the day last week.

Examiner staff spotted the man, who was wearing a ski mask and a trench coat while holding a sign saying ‘lift to bank’, on the side of Armadale Road in Haynes about 9am on September 9.

Armadale police spoke to the man who stated he was ‘doing it for a laugh’ but police did not find the matter amusing.

The sign was seized and the man was searched but nothing else was found and he was issued with a move on notice.

Armadale police senior sergeant Glenn Spencer said the man potentially committed the offence of possessing implements of disguise.

“Given that he was drawing attention to himself, the officers attending made the decision they would not charge him and gave him a move on notice instead,” he said.

“It all comes down to time, place and circumstances and he had not entered a professional premise so he was cautioned by police and allowed to move on.”

Social media users were less critical with a number of people reacting with amusement on the Examiner’s Facebook page.

One commenter posted he was ‘an Aussie bloke having a laugh’ and another described the man as a ‘dead set legend.’