Facilities to receive upgrade

Facilities to receive upgrade


Canning Vale Senior Football Club President Stewart Johnson has welcomed a $457,000 grant to upgrade their facilities at Clifton Park after years of lobbying.

Earlier this month the Department of Sport and Recreation announced the funding from the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF).

The money will be provided to the City of Canning to build new permanent facilities for the junior and senior football clubs at the reserve.

Mr Johnson said the club was struggling using its current transportable buildings and sheds.

“It’s been a long time coming,” he said.

“I think I started in 2010 to get something there and it’s been a tough approach.

“We’ve had to deal with temporary transportable facilities up until now and hopefully that will all change next year.

“Between the senior footy club and junior club we’ve already invested $100,000 in the change rooms and storage facilities there.”

He said less maintenance on the flimsier buildings would mean less costs at the club.

“It’s the upkeep on the old stuff, which is starting to fall apart, it makes good business sense to replace it,” he said.

$6,693,708 million has been provided to the City of Canning to build local sporting facilities since 2008, including $1million to build new facilities for the Willetton Bowling Club and to renovate the Willetton Sports Club.

Dr Nahan said the government’s investment in local sporting facilities was important because sport made a valuable contribution to the social fabric of a local community.

“Sport is such an important part of the Australian way of life, and so it’s pleasing that the state government is investing in local sporting facilities to help grassroots sport thrive,” he said.