Duck dies from injuries

Duck dies from injuries

A duck was found bound with plastic.

By Thomas Munday and Annalise Hunt

The Darling Range Wildlife Shelter (DWRS) is urging people to be careful about littering after an entangled duck died, not long after it was admitted for treatment.

According to DWRS he was very thin, very weak and likely had severe metabolic issues from a week of starving.

For five days the DWRS volunteers tried to catch the duck on a lake in High Wycombe.

Darling Range Wildlife Shelter Wildlife Liaison Officer Yasmin Hunter said the duck had a plastic ring caught under its tongue and around the back of its head.

“We were shocked by all the litter in the lake, park and surrounding areas, especially because most of it was food wrappers, straws, cigarette butts and plastic rings,” she said.

“After a three-hour rescue on Monday July 5 by our volunteers, in the rain, we finally managed to find the duck and take him back to the shelter.”

“On arrival, we weighed, assessed and relieved the duck of the plastic.

“Sadly the duck was extremely unwell, suffering with emaciation from being unable to eat for five days, and hypothermia from the cold, rainy weather.

“He had also been observed being chased by dogs and other birds as he became weaker and weaker, so his body was just exhausted.

“Sadly, he passed away due to his injury and associated poor body condition just an hour or so after admission to the wildlife shelter.”

He was a large mature duck with a duck wife, babies on the way and a nest to defend.

“We dedicate ourselves to rehabilitating wildlife in the Perth area and unfortunately we are seeing more and more entanglements and wildlife suffering due to human pollution,” Ms Hunter said.

“Disposing of rubbish is a responsibility we must take seriously.

“So, we urge people to dispose of rubbish properly so our laziness doesn’t result in wildlife death.”