Don’t tear down our theatre

Don’t tear down our theatre

Roleystone Community College year six students Kamryn Sheppard, Paige Barraclough and Eleanor Dunn. Photograph - Aaron Van Rongen.

A local school is hoping hundreds of handwritten letters and drawings will help persuade their local council to think twice about the impact tearing down one of Roleystone’s much loved buildings would have on the community. 

Roleystone Community College students, from pre-primary to year 10, put pen to paper last Thursday to voice their opinions on the 96-year-old Roleystone Theatre building’s value and significance in the community, which will then be sent to council prior to them making their decision on its future. 

Associate principal Karen West said the dedicated ‘Save the Roleystone Theatre writing day’ was well received by all students and staff as they recalled many memories of time spent at the theatre. 

“There was incredible effort given to the importance of this day and the reasons behind it by all staff and students and the evidence of each child’s opinion came through in their written pieces and presentations of this,” she said.

“Many of them have had direct links with performing or visiting the theatre and were sincere in their pleading to have it saved.” 

Mrs West said the school staff felt that a collection of 700-plus letters and drawings would be more influential than a petition of students’ names. 

“Many of our ex and current staff, students, parents, grandparents and community members have been involved with the Roleystone Theatre over many years in various ways,” she said.

“The school will be forwarding all of the students’ pieces of writing with a covering letter written by principal Mark Brookes to the City of Armadale prior to the meetings in December. 

“The hope is also that these submissions may be used by the council to support any submissions in future days for grants for funding or other requirements to help make this possible.” 

Council will consider a report next month to identify the next steps in regards to the future of the building. 

Photographs – Aaron Van Rongen.