Doco about local college a huge hit

Doco about local college a huge hit

Award-winning documentary maker Lara Damiani and Emmaus Community founder Brother Al.

The documentary about Emmaus Community in Queens Park, ‘A Place to Call Home’, aired earlier this year and has had a complete audience of 518,000 – making it one of ABC Compass’s highest rating episodes of the season so far.

The local community that helps people with mental health issues was featured in a documentary made by award-winning documentary maker Lara Damiani.

The documentary dives into a journey through the eyes of founder Brother Al and his mission to offer a safe haven for people in need.

The story of why and how Al created this extraordinary community is so inspiring,” said Ms Damiani.

“We’re proud to have achieved significant outreach and social impact with this film and to know that this will continue into the future.

“In our world of ever-increasing isolation and mental health challenges, Emmaus Community is a timely reminder of how communities can change lives.

“It’s a great example of how the community spirit can really make our world a much better place.”

In addition, The Education Shop, has recently acquired “A Place to Call Home” for educational distribution across Australia and NZ.

Ms Damiani said they are about to commence another production with Emmaus Community, for a comprehensive study guide that will be available to teachers from 2021.

“This will provide the tools and resources for teachers across relevant areas of the Australian curriculum with learning intentions, lesson plans and assessment resources to encourage teachers across Australia to use the film as part of their lesson delivery as part of the curriculum,” she said.

“The film covers curriculum areas across humanities and social sciences including mental health, social housing, community development, religion and ethics and more.”

The non-for-profit organisation is currently in need of support and donations are always welcomed. Visit emmauscommunity. to donate.