‘Denny Ave not priority’

‘Denny Ave not priority’

Denny Avenue. Photograph - Hamish Hastie.

The Denny Avenue level crossing in Kelmscott is still not a priority according to a list of the Public Transport Authority’s level crossing priority list released earlier this week.

The list included the grade separation of several Armadale line level crossings but Denny Avenue was not on the list despite it being one of the worst crash hotspots in the city.

The list included Welshpool Road in Welshpool at number three, Wharf Street in Queens Park at six and Armadale Road in Armadale at 12.

Denny Avenue is a congestion hotspot and is one of the worst roads for crashes per metre in the state with most incidents happening near the level crossing.

There were 42 crashes on the road in 2015 including 31 at the Streich Avenue, Railway Avenue intersections.

In the five years leading up to 2015 there have been 168 crashes on Denny Avenue including 41, which resulted in serious injuries or death.

Community members and politicians from both major parties have been raising the traffic issues on the road for more than a decade.

PTA spokesman David Hynes said there were no budget or timeframes to fix any of their priority level crossings.

He said Armadale Road was on the list over Denny Avenue because of the volume of traffic and the curve of the road it’s situated.

The list:

1.         Moore Street – Midland/Armadale Lines (closure)

2.         Caledonian Ave – Midland Line (closure)

3.         Welshpool Road – Armadale Line (grade separation)

4.         Hamilton Street – Armadale Line (grade separation)

5.         William Street – Armadale Line (grade separation)

6.         Wharf Street – Armadale Line (closure)

7.         Oats Street – Armadale Line (grade separation)

8.         Mint Street – Armadale Line (closure)

9.         Jarrad Street – Fremantle Line (grade separation)

10.       Salvado Street – Fremantle Line (closure)

11.       Victoria Street – Fremantle Line (closure)

12.       Armadale Road – Armadale Line (grade separation)