Big plans for Cannington

Big plans for Cannington

The Canning city centre activity centre plan will see more cycle and pedestrian access in Cannington.

The City of Canning endorsed its Canning city centre activity centre plan at its September 20 ordinary meeting of council.

The plan will see Cecil Avenue in Cannington become the core of the city centre, which will connect the Cannington train station to the Canning River.

It was aimed at turning Cannington into a well functioning metropolitan strategic regional centre and improving its urban development.

Under the plan Cecil Avenue would become a double sided shopping street with better car parking and pedestrian access to Westfield Carousel and other shops.

The city centre boundary will also be formally identified and would extend to Renou Street in the north east to Station Street and Carden Drive in the south and Wharf Street in the north west.

The whole city centre would also undergo pedestrian and cycling access improvement.

Infill development would potentially see the city centre population rise to about 25,000 people.

The document will now be forwarded to the WA Planning Commission.