Couple’s bid to help victim

Couple’s bid to help victim

Derek James and his partner Mary Redfern are determined to help an elderly victim of theft.

An 81-year-old local, who had his electric bike stolen from the Armadale Aquatic Centre in Seville Grove, has some local angels wanting to help.

A local couple has taken the initiative to fundraise money to buy a new electric bike for the victim as he has temporarily replaced the bike with a cheap non-electric version, which he since found out he cannot ride.

On March 29 an Evolt electric bike was stolen from the Armadale Aquatic Centre, which was the only mode of transport for the 81-year-old.

Derek James and Mary Redfern from Langford saw the police report in the newspaper and are appealing to the public to see if anybody had seen the bike and contacted Examiner Newspapers in hopes of helping the victim.

Ms Redfern said they would like to raise money to buy the victim a new bike as she has lost two bikes previously due to theft.

“I saw the article in the paper and I’ve had two bikes stolen myself, one was a really expensive one and I felt sorry for the victim being 81-years-old and the bike being his only transport,” she said.

“So Derek and I thought let’s try and help somehow.”

After mentioning the story to friends, the couple have already had positive responses with people willing to help.

“We’ve got a friend who we were talking to about the prices of other bikes,” Mr James said.

“He said if we’re fundraising to give him a call and he’ll help.”

Ms Redfern agreed saying they’ve had a couple of friends say the same.

“Our friend around the corner said the same, that she would help too.”

One complication the couple has faced is the cost of the bike, with the original coming from Kmart, who told Ms Redfern that the Evolt electric bike model wouldn’t be available until November.

“The cheapest electric bike we found was $900 at Anaconda down the road,” Mr James said.

“In Fremantle the cheapest is $1700.”

Online the cheapest electric bike is $700 without postage, which would add significant cost due to the size of the item.

Anyone willing to help fundraise please email with title Examiner Bike Donation.