Club’s mission to keep older internet users safe

Club’s mission to keep older internet users safe

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If you are more than 50-years-old and you want to learn everything you need to do to keep up with your grandchildren’s gadgets and stay safe online, the Willetton Digital Technology 50+ club is here to help.

At 9.30am on Monday 17, the club is hosting an open day at the Rostrata Family and Neighbourhood Centre.

How to access the internet, stay safe online, understand mobile and data plans, how to shop safely online and how to access government services are only some of the few topics that will be discussed during these sessions.

Centre manager Dianne Graves said is it important for older people to continue their life-long learning journey and keeping their brains active.

“The internet keeps us connected to the community, family and friends and helps us avoid isolation,” she said.

“It prevents us from being taken advantage of, or being left behind in our constantly changing world – we need to be able to understand the conversation that is happening around us.”

Staying safe online is also essential and Ms Graves has some early bird tips to keep you in the right place.

“For example, look for the padlock symbol on the top of the webpage to ensure you are accessing a safe webpage,” she said.

“Look for the https in the webpage address as this will also indicate that you are accessing a safe webpage – if it does not have both of these, do not enter any personal or financial details and be careful what you are downloading.

“Never give your personal or financial details or passwords to anyone online or on the phone because if it all sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

The open day is free event and gold coin donations are welcome each week to help the centre cover morning tea costs.

To book call 9457 3888 or email