City says ‘on your bike’

City says ‘on your bike’

City of Canning Sustainability Officer Kylie Wrigley at one of the city’s new bike repair stations.

The City of Canning installed two bike stations to assist residents with bike maintenance and repairs.

The first two bike stations located at the Cannington and Riverton Leisureplexes are fitted with tools, a foot pump and a gauge to assist people with maintaining their bikes, fixing punctures and carrying out basic repairs.

An additional station will be installed at the Kent Street Weir in October.

City of Canning mayor Paul Ng said it was part of promoting sustainable lifestyle and travel in the city.

“Riding a bike is one of the best ways to travel,” he said.

“It connects you to your surroundings in a way that you don’t get isolated in a car and you avoid traffic and congestion.”

The first two stations will be used as a trial to see how popular they are.

If they were well received the mayor said the city would look into installing more around the city.

He said the city was also looking at creating solar powered electric car and bike recharge stations, solar powered mobile phone charging stations as well as free Wi-Fi in the city centre.