Children’s swap event a game changer for wallets and the environment

Children’s swap event a game changer for wallets and the environment


After the success of the November 2023 inaugural Swap – Don’t Shop Fashion Gala event, the City of Armadale will be hosting a Children’s Storytime, featuring a toy, game and book swap.

This free event is scheduled for Saturday 3 February, from 10-11am, at Armadale District Hall and is targeted at parents and guardians of toddlers and children up to the age of five.

One major aim of the swap event is to change the community’s relationship with products and encourage swapping and reusing instead of always buying new.

This has both financial and environmental implications, with the event aiming to focus on perspective change, extending the life of products and materials, and reducing the need to always buy something new.

By sharing and re-using toys, games and books, families can leave the event with ‘new’ items, and simultaneously reduce their impact on the environment.

This event will also allow the community to connect, and give children the opportunity to learn, sing and take home some ‘new’ toys, books and games.

“The city is eager to host this great initiative, following on from the success of our Swap – Don’t Shop Fashion Gala. Encouraging families and young children to consider the swapping and exchanging toys and rather than always buying something new, will save parents money and reduce waste,” Mayor Ruth Butterfield said.

“We hope the event will set a trend towards parents sharing and swapping pre-loved items within their wider community networks.”