Charity suffers another break-in

Charity suffers another break-in

The thieves allegedly threw rocks through the window to enter the store.

A local rescue group has issued a plea to two teenagers who broke into their op shop, asking them to rethink their actions next time.

According to Armadale Community Rescue Group volunteer Diane Yamaguchi, the two teenagers broke the window to the group’s op shop by throwing two large rocks through the front window.

“This is the first time that this particular shop has been broken into,” she said.

“Our other shop, a few stores down, has been broken into several times over the last six years.

“A few of those times were by the same person, he was out on bail from the first time when he again broke in.”

It is alleged the two teenagers broke into the op shop during the early hours of Saturday, September 11.

According to Ms Yamaguchi, the culprits took two bikes, a helmet and a bag of cool drinks from the fridge.

“They were only young kids who should have been home in bed,” she said.

Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group (ACARG) opened an animal shelter on Railway Avenue in Kelmscott nine years ago.

“We opened our first op-shop in Gilliam Drive just over eight years ago,” she said.

“Funds from this shop supports our shelter.

“Four years ago, we opened our “Snip and Chip” Op-Shop which is the one that was broken into, funds from this shop go towards supporting Age and Disability card holders in the local Armadale area and surrounds to sterilise and microchip their cats inline with the new laws.

“As the law for dogs is microchip only we offer this service to the same cardholders.

Ms Yamaguchi said that since COVID-19, they have only been able to open the store three days a week due to a lack in volunteers.

“For this reason, we have had to charge $50 for cat sterilisation and microchip, $25 for microchipping dogs,” she said.

Prior to COVID-19 cat sterilisation and dog and cat microchipping was free for cardholders.

“We are run by a group of volunteers so everything we make is going to our charity,” Ms Yamaguchi said.

“It’s a great cause, it helps take unwanted animals off the street, stops them breeding therefore helps the wildlife.

“It helps age and disability card holders with the cost of de-sexing and microchipping their animals.”

“I have no idea why these people target such a true charity that helps animals and people.”

ACARG need volunteers and donations of goods, for more information call 9495 4495 or find them online.