Byford’s medal winners

Byford’s medal winners


Two members of the Byford Taekwondo Do Oh Do Kwan Club recently returned from Malaysia after competing with the Australian team in the 15th International Clubs Taekwondo Open Championships.

Neil Brickwood and Taj Bouwhuis competed in Kuala Lumpur from September 7 to September 11 against 91 teams from 28 countries.

Mr Bouwhuis was awarded a bronze medal and Mr Brickwood won both a gold and silver.

Mr Brickwood who has been involved in the sport for more than 20 years said it was a great way to stay fit and flexible as well as learn self defence.

“There are many benefits,” he said.

“I like to take my students to competitions and enjoy seeing them challenged and successful.

“It is a fulfilment for me as an instructor.”

Mr Brickwood said it was a great joy to be a teacher and many teachers appreciate when a student achieves their goal.

“When you see that smile you know that you are successful,” he said.

“That is a great joy.”