‘Bullying’ claims continue

‘Bullying’ claims continue

City of Gosnells Mayor Glenn Dewhurst. Photograph – Richard Polden.

Following last week’s story ‘Discussion turns ugly at meeting’ City of Gosnells councillor Serena Williamson wrote a post on Facebook in response to mayor Glenn Dewhurst’s latest media release.

According to Ms Williamson, Mr Dewhurst made allegations against her and the council as he claimed he was being bullied for having dyslexia.

Ms Williamson said she was not aware of Mr Dewhurst’s disability and was disgusted by the mayor’s allegations.

“To suggest my questions were an attempt of bullying is simply false and very disappointing,” she said.

“The mayor has again made false allegations to the media, which would appear to be an attempt to stop me asking questions.”

Ms Williamson also said she was concerned about the way emails to the mayor were being handled.

“It is very generous for volunteers to assist the mayor however it is prudent for councillors to ask questions to determine whether our residents’ and ratepayers’ information is being protected,” she said.

Deputy mayor Terresa Lynes also commented and said she was very concerned about the mayor’s latest allegations.

“As someone that has a very close family member who has lived with dyslexia I find it appalling to read the mayor’s allegations,” she said.

“This is completely untrue and deeply concerns me as our current council is filled with caring people, all of whom have families who are touched by disability in some way.”

Ms Lynes also said Mr Dewhurst refused to answer questions from councillors, followed by calling a community member a ‘chimpanzee’.

“Ms Williamson is an analytical thinker who is very much community minded, her questions on notice were raised out of a concern for the community,” she said.

“All councillors have the right under standing orders to raise questions when they feel the need, this is not bullying, this is transparency in action.”