Breaking stereotypes

Breaking stereotypes

Bedfordale resident and Greens candidate for Darling Range Iwan Boskamp.

Bedfordale resident and Greens candidate for Darling Range Iwan Boskamp said he knows what it is like to run a small business but does not expect the government to roll out the red carpet for him.

Mr Boskamp is an IT manager who also owns and runs his own burgeoning camper van business from Forrestdale Business Park.

He said it was a misconception the Greens were against business.

“I think the Greens are in politics for the whole of society and business is a part of that and they understand it’s important,” he said.

“What they don’t do is they don’t allow businesses to act in society as if they own society.

“It’s the people who own society and businesses are a part of that, not the other way round.

“In my own business I want to provide a good service to my customers and if I don’t do that my customers wont come back to me.

“I don’t expect that because I’m running a business everything is being taken care of for me by the rest of society.

“I expect I’ll have to work hard as a small business owner and hopefully make a decent living out of it.”

Mr Boskamp said creating a fairer society was why he put his hand up to run in this year’s state election.

“I feel really strongly about building a society based on respect and personal freedoms,” he said.

“Voluntary euthanasia, marriage equality and freedom of religion are all well known points with the Greens but they resonate me.

“At the same time protecting those who need it and protecting the environment.”

Mr Boskamp said local issues he would follow up included better communication infrastructure for areas like Bedfordale and improving public transport.

“Where I live there is no public transport available, not even a bus,” he said.

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