Bourne rises again

Bourne rises again

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) riding a stolen police bike.

Watching a Bourne movie is like a punch in the face, it makes you feel alive the first time  but after a few your head starts hurting.

Jason Bourne is the fourth film featuring Matt Damon as the forgetful super spy and the fifth in the franchise since The Bourne Identity exploded onto screens in 2002.

Directed by Paul Greengrass, who directed the second and third Bourne movies, it sees Bourne once again trying to take down corrupt CIA agents and officials in an effort to shake his past.

Veteran Tommy Lee Jones plays sinister CIA director Robert Dewey who will stop at nothing to keep the agency’s dark secrets hidden.

While it’s a stock standard Bourne affair, Greengrass has taken care to cleverly work in some livewire social issues like online privacy, government over-reach and document leaks.

It doesn’t pull this film up from its bath in mediocrity though with the same old stunts, story and shaky film work leaving me thoroughly numb as I left the cinema.

Release: In cinemas now
Stars: 2.5
Rated: M