Blue tree helps to spread positive message

Blue tree helps to spread positive message

Secret Men’s Business members Peter Butler, Mick Parkin, Col Lee, Neil Kentish, Alan Elliott and Neville Garvey. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

A 10-metre high red river gum tree was spared from the wood chipper and now stands proud, albeit in a different colour, on the side of the highway in Keysbrook. 

Neil Kentish and a few mates from the Secret Men’s Business group rolled up their sleeves and got to work late last year to paint the tree blue to raise awareness for mental health.

The tree, which was harvested and destined for the firewood machine, was moved from Serpentine to Keysbrook where a suitable hole had been dug for its final resting place. 

Mr Kentish said the group meet on the odd Friday each month for a couple hours of ‘man chat’ and they felt this project was one they could tackle for the benefit of others in the community. 

“The tree has multiple branches that form a three-dimensional picture, as the branches bend and twist around the symmetry of the tree trunk,” he said. 

“It took about 10 man hours to paint, using 10 litres of donated paint with four to five applied by brush and roller.” 

The tree is located on the west side of South Western Highway, immediately south of Elliott Road. 

For more information about the Secret Men’s Business group call Neil on 0419 843 937.