Author wows students

Author wows students

Photograph- Richard Polden

East Maddington Primary School went above and beyond usual Book Week celebrations this year, with a special visit by award-winning children’s author and illustrator, Frane Lessac.

During her visit, Frane told stories about how she created her books and taught students how to draw their own illustrations.

Frane was a hit with students, who allegedly wouldn’t stop talking about their visitor.

“I loved how she gave us the chance to draw our own illustrations just like her! She was so encouraging. Frane is one of my favourite authors and illustrators.” Said year 6 student, Naureen Hossain.

“I loved today’s workshop because Frane’s illustrations were very nice. They were very clear and everyone can understand them very well,” said year 3 student, Kosi Chandrasekaran.

Level 3 Teacher Dr Parisa Ebtakar said the school hopes to have Frane back in the future.

“All our students were fascinated by Frane’s stories and loved learning from a real author and illustrator,” she said.

“Having her at our school was an empowering experience for both our students and staff. She was warm, optimistic, accommodating, funny, knowledgeable, stylish and very authentic.”

Other Book Week celebrations included a special assembly and students’ parade, where students dressed as their favourite book characters, and colourful displays at the library, centred on the 2021 Book Week theme, “Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.”

Students also participated in a Read Around the School, separating into mulit-age groups to listen to stories read by an adult.

Parents joined in the monumental Book Week effort, helping students to host a Book Fair where many books were purchased.

Adding new technology to the old world of story-telling, all the classes also got the chance to collaborate on a story, with a different classroom adding a new slide every day on a power-point story.

Over-all, Dr Ebtakar says Book Week was a raging success.

“Our students have developed a deeper understanding of the creative process, from finding inspiration, to conducting research, to crafting a story and blending it with pictures and words, to the final stages of editing and publishing,” she said.