Athlete humbled by top award from Curtin Uni

Athlete humbled by top award from Curtin Uni


An award-winning water polo player has been named Sportswoman of the Year at the annual Curtin Sport Awards. Zoe Arancini was named the most valuable player in this year’s Australian Water Polo League season and scored three crucial goals to beat Hungary in the Aussie Stingers’ 2019 FINA World Championship bronze medal match.

“I feel very honoured to be named Sportswoman of the Year,” she said.

“There are many worthy elite athletes who are achieving in their sport while pursuing a degree so I’m thrilled to be acknowledged for my achievements this year.”

Ms Arancini said she was thrilled when her team defeated Hungary in the FINA World Championship.

“It’s always an elated feeling to score one goal let alone three in a
final match,” she said.

“I was happy that I was able to stand up in those moments for the team and also the collective work by team mates to assist in those situations and also continue the momentum throughout the game was pleasing.”

Ms Arancini’s passion for the sport started at age 12, playing in the Saturday Flippa ball competition at Melville Water Polo Club.

Both her parents played water polo at an international level and Ms Arancini said it helped her develop an undeniable passion for swimming.

After all her success Ms Arancini said she is completing a Health Sciences degree and planned to apply for a Masters in Ultrasound.

“Beyond Tokyo 2020 I have not really thought about what I will do in regards to water polo,” she said.

“Whatever happens I would still like to be involved in some capacity to give back to the sport.”