Music to get you in the swing of things

Music to get you in the swing of things

Robert Guenther will blend traditional South African instrumentation with Rupert Guenther’s classical violin stylings at ARC Armadale on August 14.

Local-meets-international concert violinist and composer Rupert Guenther will meet South African-born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Valanga Khoza on stage this August for what is to be a very special show of world music.

Two gifted musicians from very different backgrounds, the pair are coming together again for the first time in 30 years to share their humanitarian ideals for friendship between nations through their music. It is a concert of original and traditional music, which travels through a fascinating and evocative journey of sounds, stories, and influences, from classical music traditions from Western Europe to jazz, folk, blues and world music influences, including new and traditional South African songs and music, in an array of instruments and singing and playing styles, for which these two artists are each renowned.

Mr Khoza was excited to be bringing his traditional style of music to a mix of audiences in WA including in Armadale.

“I go by the spirit of what in South Africa is known as Ubuntu, which says that a human being is not complete without other human beings,” he said.
“And through music we share share that humanity. That’s where I come from, that’s across all nations, boarders, cultures, communities – across any divides.

“Our concert – sharing music-making with Rupert – is that journey as well.”

As much known for his spiritual and music education as his Vinna-trained compositions, Mr Guenther said the concert will be a great example of how world music bridges cultural divides.
“In coming together with Valanga, we are presenting a healing future of one big global community, where there are no losers because everyone wants to contribute to and lift each other up, not take from or pull them down.

“For me, music is about healing what is broken or hurting, which is behind all the problems we see.”

Rupert Guenther and Valanga Khoza perform at ARC Armadale on August 14.