That’ll do pig… that’ll do.

That’ll do pig… that’ll do.

The City of Canning is considering the possibility of allowing miniature pigs as pets.

Miniature pigs are currently disallowed as pets in the City of Canning, but that could all change after council agreed to review its pet ownership laws.

At its September 19 meeting council voted in support of a motion by councillor Tim Porter to consider council whether miniature pigs could be permitted as residential pets as part of its review into the city’s Health Local Laws 1998.

“There aren’t really any downsides,” Mr Porter said.

“Owners treat them like pets and they’re a great way of reducing food waste.

“To those I’ve spoken to who own miniature pigs, they make good pets.”

Laws against having pigs as pets allegedly stretch back to The Great Depression, when farmers would bring livestock with them as they moved to cities for work.

Miniature pigs weigh between 15 and 30 kilograms, much less than full-sized swine, which can reach 500 kilograms.

Councillor Christine Cunningham said she was open to the idea of relaxing laws for pet ownership in the city, including allowing chickens.

“You have to have a very large house to own chickens, I don’t understand why,” she said.

“Miniature pigs, chickens – bring it on.”

Councillor Patrick Hall said there were a great variety of pets in the city and adding one more species would only benefit residents.

“I’ve got chickens in both houses either side of mine,” he said.

“We’ve got guinea pigs and birds.

“If people are moving towards miniature pigs, I don’t believe we should be throwing administrative red tape all over this.

“People should be able to live in a manner they would like to live.”

Council voted unanimously in support of the proposal to review the city’s pet ownership laws.