Young musicians hope to ‘make it’ in the industry

Young musicians hope to ‘make it’ in the industry

Furnace are hoping to record their first album.

Three great mates are hoping the community can reach into their pockets and donate to help them bring their musical dreams to reality. 

Fourteen-year-olds Hazel Clay, Xavier Gray and Samuel Maddams make up Furnace, an indie rock band hoping to launch their talents on the Perth music scene. 

The three youngsters from Kelmscott and Canning Vale have been friends for many years and have all been a part of smaller music ventures since they were five-years-old. 

Working together as Furnace has been an absolute blast for the trio and they are now hoping to bring their album together with the help of donations collected through crowd finding website GoFundMe. 

The trio have produced about 15 original songs including their favourite hits Flammable and Psychopath, which they hope will form the basis for their first album. 

“We have been slowly putting together this album over the last year and a half,” they said. 

“It has always been a dream of ours to get our music out there and we want to make every song as amazing as the last.” 

They chose to fundraise online as they believe it is their best change to reach people working in the industry and others who share their dream. 

“For each of us music is our biggest hobby,” they said. 

“We love creating and playing and music is something that brings enjoyment to anyone no matter where they’re from or what language they speak.

“We hope we get our album out soon, get noticed, and have more of an audience to tell our story to.” 

The group hopes to raise $1000. 

To donate visit the GoFundMe page.